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Roller & Associates is a full service auction company conducting auctions both on-site and at our facility.

Our usual procedure to conduct an auction for you is to first view and research the property to be sold. We will then submit a detailed auction proposal that consists of a commission plus advertising and other expenses. In consideration of these expenses, we will provide all customary full-service auction functions. The following are brief descriptions of some of the more important aspects of the auction that we handle:

PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: An individualized advertising campaign is designed for the auction. Effective, eye-catching ads and brochures are designed to reach the desired market segment. All advertising is prepared in-house on our new desktop publishing system to maintain control and minimize costs.

AUCTION PREPARATION: The personal property is prepared and arranged to properly present it to potential purchasers. We have an experienced crew with the knowledge required and do not rely on temporary or inexperienced help.

CATALOG: We prepare a catalog for each auction which lists the lot numbers and descriptions of the items in the order in which they will be sold. The cover page details the terms and conditions of the auction for the purchasers.

INSPECTION PERIOD: A scheduled inspection period is supervised prior to the auction to assist potential buyers in viewing and appraising the equipment.

AUCTION DAY FUNCTIONS: A professional staff handles all the customary auction duties including the auctioning, computer clerking, cashiering, registration of buyers, security personnel, etc..

REPORT AND PAYMENT: The complete report of the auction is promptly submitted within a timely period. This includes computer printouts of the full documentation of the sales prices, a list of registered bidders, advertising copies, and all other pertinent information.

SCHEDULING: We are always flexible in scheduling your auction and can conduct some within one week from receiving the approval, even with the mailings to the proper market. Many auctions are a compilation of assets from several entities so as to present a more desirable sale and afford an economy of scale for the clients concerned.

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